Tuesday, 11 March 2008

literature and music and art

Easter break coming up. Good to stretch the mind by working on something else. I plan to read a big fat biography of the great composer Richard Wagner - need time to get into it.... there is lots of analysis of how he composed, his sources and thinking...should be fun.

Anyone else got a similar interest - go to the opera...? or maybe the Proms in the Summer - much to be recommended, and also broadcast on Radio 3.

So what do people read... I have been going through an historical novel paralleling the lives of Wellington and Napoleon...this is vol2, Wellington in India and Napoleon in Italy and France - its Faction, but substantially true.

Its great for me, I really knew nothing about British imperial history other than that it was imperial colonisation, and its people were exploited and have now got free - but the Georgian view was different (George 111). India was full of small warring states which we 'pacified'. And then exploited of course, but it wasn't all bad. Anyway it reads well - author is Simon Scarrow.

I have also been to the Russian art exhibition at the Royal Academy. Very varied collection, so something for everything. Huge - 9 rooms. I was there for 2 hours and then back for another hour later. Next is the Cranach exhibition also at the RA.

Anyway, good for the old brainbox to sniff out other interests ...


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Cilip in London

News of local Cilip meetings - from Ralph Adam... Seckforde Arms in Seckforde St, about 5 to 10 mins walk from the uni... upstairs ... Tamara

Retrain, reappraise, repackage - how to present yourself in a changinginformation environment Date: Tuesday 11 March 2008Time: 6.30pmVenue: The Sekforde Arms, Sekforde Street, London EC1Map: http://digbig.com/3pmfSpeaker: Francis Muzzu, Infomatch Francis Muzzu is Manager of Infomatch, the CILIP recruitment agency, whichrecruits for information roles both nationwide and cross-sector. He has tenyears' experience of information recruitment, and is also a qualifiedinformation professional with experience of working for both informationusers and providers. Francis is a member of the CLIG committee, and theauthor of many articles for the information press as well as a regularspeaker at information events. This talk will be of particular value to anyone registered for CILIPChartership and can contribute towards CPD requirements. CILIP in London evening meetings are free and open to all with aprofessional interest in the topic. Refreshments will be availableafterwards. As space is limited, please let us know if you are coming:contact Phillip Powell at Phillip@montanaroad.plus.com. It would be helpfulto tell us how you found out about the event. We do our best to ensure that events take place as advertised, but regret wecannot take responsibility for changes or cancellations due to circumstancesbeyond our control.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Law lecture

There is a lecture on the nature of the new Supreme Court on 30 April 08. Register at www.city.ac.uk/whatson its at the Inns of Court school of law in Grays Inn - new Supreme Court starts in October 09 replacing the House of Lords as our top court.

It might be interesting.

But I am off to listen to Laurence Lessig talking about some of his latest ideas - moved away from codes and public domain licensing to trust and security in e-transactions (I think - havent got the paper in front of me) This is organised by the Society for Computers and Law, a very nice society well worth being a member of for such events and also for their journal called 'Computers + Law' amazingly. At any rate I won't be able to be at the Supreme Court lecture, so if anyone else is, it would be nice to know.

Well its late again....but nice and warm and springlike...so I better go home dreaming of my next lecture on FoI and sundry such concerns....

I do hope that some of you will come back and start responding to my posts!


Research studentships

Hello, at our staff meeting today, we were told that the Dept will have some PhD studentships to award in any of our subject areas.
Anyone can apply, including this years students who would be ready to start in October...

You will need to be v good as its all fearfully competitive.

Full details will be posted onto CitySpace in the general course areas.

Get your thinking caps on!


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tamara's news Tues 26 Feb

Its nice to have reading week, but this short period slips by so fast, it makes little difference, still preparing next weeks ILP lecture on FoI. And finishing off marking last years dissertations.

I am delighted to find a great many interesting new ideas for projects coming my way as people come to talk to me about doing their dissertation with me. This is great...it has to be worthwhile spending a chunk of time on, and has to be compact enough to be do-able in this short period of time. Some students want to discuss my list of ideas. Most bring their own idea, or twist one of mine into something new. Doing 'research by proxy' in this way, I learn lots of new things. Therefore thank you all in advance, those who will be working with me.

This is all I have for now. Off home to feed my cat and myself. Its getting late.


Welcome to Kosy Korner

Hello, this is my new blog.
It is intended for discussions and general chat between IS dept staff and students from all the courses.
We have lost the habit of companionship. I see students only in a rather formal way and a level of contact has been knocked out.

Now I do expect this to be about information related matters as this binds us together. But general news and everyday concerns are also welcome. The discourse should be at a civilised level please. And I hope lots of people will join in please with everyone talking to each other.